Anti Christ Teaching and Satanic Ideas

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Anti-Christian Teaching and Satanic Ideas

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After the release of Hurry Potter, J.K. Rowling has been subjected to numerous debates on whether the Hurry Potter promotes immorality or not. A number of arguments were made suggesting that Hurry Potter promotes witchcraft and general anti-Christian behaviors. Many claim that the book is offensive to the Christian religion. Arguments were stating that the book has Christian teachings, anti-Christian teaching or has no religious teaching will be examined in this paper. The morality of the novel has received critics from various sects of Christian faith, and the response to the suggestion that Hurry Potter has evil influences has resounded with people around the world. The promotion of evil, questioning of various characters and disobedience rewards has been cited as efforts to influence children towards anti-Christian acts.

Responding to the accusations, different points of view came up stating that Hurry Potter fits within a Christian view and that it is appropriate in understanding the religion. Victory of good over evil, greater good self-sacrifice and a view of Hurry as a religious stature contributes to the argument that the book have comprehensible moral and Christian understanding. The book’s popularity has inspired further arguments, and all sides of these arguments will be examined as well as the effects of these arguments have had on the perception and readership of the book.


Blake, A. (2002). Irresistible Rise of Harry Potter. New York: Verso.

This was a study on the success of the book, Hurry Potter and the phenomena that it generated billions of dollars in merchandise and profit to the author. The success of the book drew the attention of people believing that the book is inappropriate for the young audience.…...

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