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Anti-Car napping system is a combination of hardware and software components which has a feature of determining and locating the location of your car using GPS tracking system. Moreover, in case that your car is car nap the system can able to detect and accept text from the owner that can trigger the car to stop. If the car napper attempts to car nap your car just give it don’t hesitate to give it and change your life with your car. That’s why the purpose of building the system is to help you to reduce car napping and acquire again your car by determining it by the system.
BLACKBUSTER is an anti car napping/carjacking device invented by a Filipino. The device have been evaluated and endorsed by Mitsubishi Motors Philippines as an after-market device that can be installed to Mitsubishi vehicles. The BLACKBUSTER has long been patronized by car owners worldwide and installed into thousands of vehicles including Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Isuzu, Ford, and others. It is fully adaptable to any types and models of car in the market today. Compatible with fuel injected and turbo- powered car [1]
ASM is driver recognition system that every second the car detects if the driver is you or not. If the driver is you the system will automatically (disarmed) without pushing or touching anything and your car run normally. Else, if the driver is not you the system will automatically (armed) without pushing or touching anything and your car will stop in less than 60 seconds. [2]
RETRIVO ATD is so simple to use, there are no any codes to remember and there are no secret buttons to push. In unauthorized entry, Retrivo ATD automatically disconnects the power to the starter and engine. Once the car stalls, the car napper will no longer be able to restart the engine. 100% Guaranteed. Retrivo cannot be hotwired, and is practically impossible to bypass because the harness (wirings)…...

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