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The Need for Enhanced Anti-Bullying Laws and School Programs
Lisa Aparicio
Saint Joseph’s College

The Need for Enhanced Anti-Bullying Laws and School Programs Bullying was traditionally considered rites of passage, something all children and youth must go through. This is a myth. In today’s violent growing society, bullying has been responsible for several acts of non-punishable crimes. The lack of attention to implementing and enforcing anti-bullying state laws, and funding anti-bullying school programs, is only making this problem worse. There is not enough being done to help prevent bullying, and the reason behind this is merely because, not enough is being enforced by our government and schools systems. There are those who believe that enforcing and creating anti-bullying laws are somewhat of a psychological Greek tragedy. There are those who believe that “When we advocate for laws against bullying, we declare the failure of psychology to solve the problem” (Kalman, 2010). They fail to realize that the lives of victims can’t be relied on the “slight chance” of psychology solving the problem. The truth of the matter is, there are people committing suicide and/or thinking about it, because of day to day bullying. It’s going to take more than just trusting psychology to do its magic. Anti-bullying laws have been claimed to be placed in almost every state in the U.S. However, after going through several of the state laws shown in the State School Healthy Policy Database (2012) and The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (2011), I found that most of the states have laws for anti-bullying that are extremely vague, or have no anti-bullying laws at all. President Barrack Obama presented his strong interest by convening a day-long White House Conference on Preventing Bullying today. As explained by Hall (2011), “The goal of the conference,…...

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