Analysis of the Organizational Structure of Perdue Farms

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Analysis of the Organizational Structure of Perdue Farms Inc.
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February 23, 2014

My reason for constructing this analysis is to measure the organizational structure of the Perdue Company by using the Marcic Dimension Scale. This scale evaluates organizations by various categories that help develop a better understanding of how complex an organization might be. The categories I have chosen to assess Perdue include specialization, technology, culture, goals, and size. These dimension factors along with others allow managers to understand exactly how a company operates.
The term specialization is defined as “the degree to which organizational tasks are subdivided into separate jobs” (Daft, 2010). Perdue Farms has divided its tasks by choosing vertical integration to manage every detail. “As a vertically integrated agribusiness, the company is able to ensure quality at every step in the supply chain” (Perdue Inc., 2008).
It breeds and hatches its own eggs (19 hatcheries), selects its contract growers, builds Perdue-engineered chicken houses, formulates and manufactures its own feed (12 poultry feedmills, 1 specialty feedmill, 2 ingredient blending operations), oversees the care and feeding of the chicks, operates its own processing plants (21 processing and further processing plants), distributes via its own trucking fleet, and markets the production. (Daft, 2010, pp. 629-630)
Responsibilities at Perdue are dispersed throughout all of its departments to make sure production is executed the proper way. Perdue’s breeder operations, hatcheries, farming, processing and distribution all play a valid role in the importance of the company. According to the Marcic scale, I would rate Perdue Farms a one. It is very clear that every aspect of this organization…...

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