An Experimental Investigation of Online Banking Adoption in China

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Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce
An open access Internet journal ( Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, April 2009, vol. 14, no.1 (

An Experimental Investigation of Online Banking Adoption in China
Guangying Hua, PhD candidate Bentley University, Massachusetts, USA Postal Address: Morrison 324, Waltham, MA 02472 USA Email: Guangying Hua is a PhD candidate at Bentley University. Her research interests include business analytics, social networking, and issues in IT applications in business area.

Online banking, an Internet based service enabling people to do financial transactions, has been an obstacle for the development of e-commerce in China. This paper investigates the online banking acceptance in China. We conducted an experiment to investigate how users’ perception about online banking is affected by the perceived ease of use of website and the privacy policy provided by the online banking website. We find that both perceived ease of use and privacy policy have a significant impact on user’s adoption of online banking. In this study, we also investigate the relative importance of perceived ease of use, privacy, and security. Perceived ease of use is of less importance than privacy and security. Security is the most important factor influencing user’s adoption. A discussion of the implications of these results and limitations are provided at the end. Keywords: Online banking; Information privacy; Security; Technology Acceptance Model (TAM); Experimental design © Guangying Hua, 2009

JIBC April 2009, Vol. 14, No. 1


Information and communication technology enables traditional financial institutions to expand their business to and through the Internet. Online banking is an Internet based service enabling people to do…...

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