An Essay on "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife"

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An Essay on ”The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife”

By Ernest Hemingway

Seemingly, masculinity is a big part of men’s identity. Masculinity is usually associated with courage, independence, and assertiveness, and if a man’s pride is discriminated or somehow threatened, he will often do whatever is necessary to regain his pride. Thus, this might result in unethical behaviour. This is dealt with in Ernest Hemingway’s short story “The Doctor and the Doctor’s wife” from 1925 where masculinity is an overall theme and where he uses contrast and his iceberg technique to get his message across. Good intro (but remember to put two writing devices in)

As stated, Hemingway illustrates the importance of masculinity for men’s identity in this short story. Firstly, Hemingway employs the importance of pride in male-to-male relationships by focusing on the interaction between the Doctor and the American Indian Dick Boulton. Secondly, Hemingway shows that a man’s pride comes above all, since the Doctor is dishonest to his wife regarding why he had a conflict with Boulton. Lastly, the use of contrast, e.g. the Doctor’s dishonesty as mentioned earlier, between the sexes empathize how masculinity is important to men, and this is what the following essay will be examining through the character of Nick’s father, the Doctor.
In the beginning of the short story, the Doctor has hired three American Indians to cut some logs that broke free from a steamer and drifted on the beach. The three American Indians Dick Boulton, his son Eddy, and another Indian, Billy Tabeshaw are teasing the Doctor because they are aware that the logs are stolen. Somehow it all adds up to become an intense situation, and Hemingway succeeds in creating a penetrating setting by using shorter sentences: “Now, Doc-”
“Take your Stuff and get out.”
“Listen Doc.”
(Line 7-9, Page 13).
Especially between the…...

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