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In one of my working place, my supervisor was very generous and very kind to the group members. He never created any pressure to anybody so that everybody worked with freedom. In my supervisor’s eyes group member’s mistake was a part of learning process. He always appreciates for completion of a part of the work. The group members like him a lot. In six months of my working time, one of the very expensive instruments broke down. Since the instruments broke, the samples had to go out in a contract laboratory for analysis. For analysis of samples, Hospital had to spend big amount money instead of earning money. It took more than month to fix the instruments to perform the tests again. However, my supervisor was fired in other instances that I did not know. But one thing I knew that the instrument that broke down was not maintained properly. At that time I did not know what “system thinker” is. After this online MBA class, now I noticed what eventually happened at that time.
To my analysis it was a system failure. My supervisor was very kind to his group but he did not take care the whole system. He made a decision to send the sample outside for analysis which was a part of the temporary solution. If the instrument was taken care routinely as it was supposed to it might not happen. According to Reed (2006), “senior leader should see not only the parts of the system but also the whole picture.”In a similar voice, Seddon (spring, 2008) mentioned that “the system governs performance. When manager learn to act on their organization as a system, performance…...

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