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<meta name="title" content="WDVL Demo" />
<meta name="author" content="" />
<meta name="copyright" content="©1998" />
<layout type="text/smil-basic-layout">
<region id="VideoChannel" title="VideoChannel" left="0" top="0" height="120" width="160" background-color="#888888" fit="fill"/>
<region id="PixChannel" title="PixChannel" left="160" top="0" height="120" width="160" background-color="#888888" fit="fill"/>
<region id="TextChannel" title="TextChannel" left="0" top="120" height="50" width="320" background-color="#888888" fit="fill"/>
<par title="multiplexor">
<video src="wdvl.rm" id="Video" region="VideoChannel" title="Video"/>
<img src="wdvl.rp" id="Headline Pix" region="PixChannel" title="Headline Pix"/>
<text src="wdvl.rt" id="Ticker" region="TextChannel" title="Ticker"/>

Real Pix Files
You may have been wondering what exactly a RealPix file is. We’ll don’t worry, its really a JPG file that has been specially encoded. The encoding is done using a program called JPEGTRAN, which is available for both Mac and PC. Let’s look at the RealPix file:
<head width="160" height="120" start="0" duration="20" timeformat="" bitrate="12000" url=""/> <image handle="1" name="headline1.jpg"/>
<image handle="2" name="headline2.jpg"/>
<image handle="3" name="headline3.jpg"/> <wipe type="push" direction="right" start="1" duration="2" target="1"/>
<wipe type="push" direction="right" start="8" duration="2" target="2"/>
<wipe type="push" direction="left" start="13" duration="2" target="3"/>

Real Text
RealText is the easiest of the new media types…...

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