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Graduate Research Project
Age Diversity Analysis

Literature Review The subject of age diversity has been written about for many decades. It has now becoming more prominent over the past decade. There has been a noticeable increase in the work place since 2008 and the beginning of the “great recession”. Much of the literature that is out dealing with age diversity deals with the aging workforce that is on the increase, and shows no sign of slowing down. Stephen Fineman discusses how work organizations human resources run their departments when it comes to the older worker. Dr. Emma Parry, Shaun Tyson and Stephen Fineman all spend a considerable amount of time on discrimination of the older worker in its different forms such as ageism, lookism, and cultural. All of the literature used in this research project agrees that the current culture and norms of our society must change. Even though it is starting to change in some areas, it is not changing at a fast enough rates to stop discrimination from happing to the older worker. Most of the article and books talk about the challenges that management has dealing with the processes of dealing with age diversity in the work place. The literature that touched on most areas that were discussed in this research project was the works by Dr. Emma Parry and Shaun Tyson. Organization Age by Stephen Fineman was brief and concise in his areas that touched on the great recession and the losses that were suffered in the stock market. Trying to find peer reviewed literature on this subject was difficult, but not impossible.

In the natural progression of life and the workforce, you get a good job, or you may change jobs for a better paying job along the way, but in the end you work raise a family and after thirty or so years with a nice little nest egg tucked away if you’re lucky you retired and live a…...

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...Why age diversity is important All of the indications are that more people will need to continue working later in life. This is because on the one hand pensions are decreasing in value and on the other, people are becoming more likely to still have financial obligations such as mortgages or child/student support, later in life. Because there are also fewer younger people available for work. Employers will need to consider how they can best become an employer of choice for older workers and how they can retain older workers in an increasingly competitive market place. Employers will need to review their HR practices and procedures and arrangements for training to ensure compliance with the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006, but also to ensure that all employees including younger and older workers are respected and valued in a workplace that is attractive, responsive to their needs and optimizes their opportunity to contribute. For some organisations this will mean a significant culture change. Consider that 25-34 is the current favourite recruitment age of employers and The Employers Forum on Age has estimated that ageism costs the UK economy over £26bn each year. Diversiton’s one day course ‘Age Diversity’ will help you to explore the issues that affect your capacity to be an age positive employer and help you to identify the steps you need to take to fully comply with the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006. What do we mean by ageism? Ageism is a......

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...regarding understanding or managing diversity in which I am most strong. Diversity can be defined as any attribute relevant to an individual that creates or reinforces a perception that he/she is different from another individual (Williams, 1998). Managing diversity is an on-going process that unleashes the various talents and capabilities which a diverse population bring to an organization, community or society, so as to create a wholesome, inclusive environment, that is “safe for differences,” enables people to “reject rejection,” celebrates diversity, and maximizes the full potential of all, in a cultural context where everyone benefits. Multiculturalism, as the art of managing diversity, is an inclusive process where no one is left out. In an age of cultural pluralism, multiculturalism is needed to manage diversity effectively. In essence, then, multiculturalism is nothing more than the art of managing diversity in a total quality manner. One area regarding managing diversity in which I am most strong is the focus on the individual, concerned with embracing and valuing differences. This area is of tremendous importance, since staff and administration that do not get along, nor understand each other, are not able to maximize their greatest potential for optimal excellence. Here is where workshops on prejudice, cultural awareness, cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution are most helpful. (Lorde, 1993) The purpose of valuing diversity and appreciating......

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...Does workforce diversity always result in better organizational performance? In today’s global competitive environment, workforce diversity became a competitive edge that helps firms better understand different cultures and different ways of conducting business globally (“Benefits and problems”). Taylor Cox emphasized that increasing workforce diversity for better organizational performance is still an essential business issue that receives great attention, as “most of today's small business owners and corporate executives recognize that attention to the challenges and opportunities associated with the growing trend toward culturally diverse work forces can be a key factor in overall business success”. Rob McInnes identified 7 factors that motivate companies to diversify their workforces: As a Social Responsibility: companies exercise corporate social responsibility role by diversifying their workforces and supporting their good living. As an Economic Payback: “diversifying the workforce, particularly through initiatives like welfare-to-work, can effectively turn tax users into tax payers”. As a Resource Imperative: companies shouldn’t be hindered from attracting best talents available in the markets because of discriminatory practices. As a Legal Requirement: law requires companies not to be discriminatory in their employment practices or they will be exposed to penalties, as “fines and loss of contracts with government agencies”. As a Marketing Strategy:......

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