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Advertising Tariff, Print Edition
(Effective from June 01, 2011)

Per Inch-Column Tk. 5,000 (Color) & Tk. 3,300 (B/W) for Display and Commercial Ad in Inner General

Special Pages
Front Page (Color) (Min. 12 inch-col and Max. 40 inch-col) Tk. 16,000/=
Back Page (Color) (Min. 6 inch-col) Tk. 13,500/=
Third Page (Color) Tk. 12,000/=
Second Page (Color) Tk. 10,500/=
Back Inner Page (Color) Tk. 9,000/=
Fifth Page (Color) Tk. 9,500/=
Seventh Page (B/W) Tk. 6,000/=
Ninth Page (B/W) Tk. 5,000/=
Ninth Page (Color) Tk. 7,500/=
Business Page (B&W) Tk. 4,500/=
Business Page (Color) Tk. 6,500/=
Entertainment Page (B&W) Tk. 4,500/=
Entertainment Page (Color) Tk. 6,000/=
Sports Page (Color) Tk. 6,500/=
All rates are for per inch- column
Additional 25% will be charged for special positions

Spot Advertisements
Front Page per inch-column (Max. 2 inches) Tk. 40,000/=
Back Page per inch-column (Max. 2 inches) Tk. 28,000/=
Sports Page per inch-column (Max. 4 inches) Tk. 15,000/=

Extra Page
Extra Page per inch-column (B&W) Tk. 2,800/=
Extra Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 4,200/=

Special Supplement
Front Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 8,000/=
Back Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 7,000/=
Inner Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 5,000/=

Classified Advertisement Rate
Tk. 1000 will be charged for the first 15 words and Tk. 50 will be applicable for the next each word. Classified advertisement must be within 40 words. No special heading will be given for classified advertisements.

Tk. 1400 for Birthday Greetings Advertisement (2 inches-column, B&W).

Box Service
Tk. 1500 is the rate for receiving letters from Prothom Alo Box Number. Each Box Service is valid for 30 days only. Weekly Magazine-Chutir Dine: On Saturday
Front Strip (2 inch X 7.75 inch) (Color) Tk. 70,000/=
Back Cover (Color) Tk. 90,000/=
Second Cover (Color) Tk. 80,000/=
Third Cover (Color) Tk. 70,000/=
Inner Full Page (Color) Tk. 60,000/=
Inner Full Page (B&W) Tk. 50,000/=
Center Spread (Color) Tk. 1,00,000/=
Stadium: On Sunday
Per inch-column (Color) Tk. 2,500/=

Aine Odhikar: On Sunday
Per inch-column (B&W) Tk. 2,500/=

Biggyan Projonmo: On Sunday
Per inch-column (B&W) Tk. 2,500/=

Dhakai Thaki: On Sunday
Front Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 3,000/=
Back Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 2,500/=
Inner Page per inch-column (B/W) Tk. 2,000/=

Weekly Magazine (ROS+ALO): On Monday
Front Strip (2 inch X 7.75 inch) (Color) Tk. 70,000/=
Back Cover (Color) Tk. 90,000/=
Second Cover (Color) Tk. 80,000/=
Third Cover (Color) Tk. 70,000/=
Inner Full Page (Color) Tk. 60,000/=
Inner Full Page (B&W) Tk. 50,000/=
Center Spread (Color) Tk. 1,00,000/=

Naksha: On Tuesday
Front Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 8,000/=
Back Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 7,000/=
Inner Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 5,000/=

Swapno Niye: On Wednesday
Front Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 5,000/=
Back Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 4,000/=
Inner Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 3,000/=

Narimancha: On Wednesday
Per inch-column (Color) Tk. 3,500/=

Shasta Kushal: On Wednesday
Per inch-column (Color) Tk. 3,000/=

Bondhu Shobha: On Wednesday
Per inch-column (B/W) Tk. 2,500/=

Ananda: On Thursday
Front Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 5,000/=
Back Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 4,000/=
Inner Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 3,000/=

Anno Alo: On Friday
Front Page per inch-column (Color) Tk. 5,000/=
Inner Page per inch-column (B/W) Tk. 2,500/=

Shahitto Shamoyeki: On Friday
Per inch-column (Color) Tk. 2,500/=

Golla Chut: On Friday
Per inch-column (Color) Tk. 2,500/=

Projonmo Dot Com: On Friday
Per inch-column (Color) Tk. 4,000/=

Terms & Conditions:
? Prothom Alo preserves the right to cancel/hold or publish ad/s one day prior or later from the schedule date of advertisement in case of emergency/unavoidable situation.
? Insertion Order and ad matter must be submitted at least 02 days before the publication date. No advertisement is acceptable without Insertion Order.
? For Classified ad/s English word is acceptable in case of e-mail or web address.
? Deadline for submitting ad is 5 pm. (for main pages)
? Deadline for submitting ad is 12 pm 2 days prior publication (for Supplements)
? Booking Cancelation Charges:
Applicable for Front, Back & Page 03
50% if cancel 2 days before publication
75% if cancel 1 day before publication
Applicable for Inner General Page
25% if cancel 2 days before publication
50% if cancel 1 days publication
? 25% Additional costs will be applicable for Political Advertisements.
? In terms of printing quality 25% deviation should be acceptable.
? No complain regarding published advertisement (if any) is acceptable after 24 hours of publication.
? No VAT/Tax will be deducted from the net receivable of Prothom Alo. If any Govt. Tax applicable, it should be added in the bill before deduction.

Remittance Details:
Bank Name : Dhaka Bank Limited
A/C No : 207-175-66
Branch : Karwan Bazaar, Dhaka

Contact Information:
The Daily Prothom Alo
Advertisement Department
100 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, CA Bhaban (Ground Floor),
Karwan Bazaar, Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh
Telephone : +88-02-9138619, 8110081, 8115307-10 Ext. 1117
FAX : +88-02-8115306
E-mail :,
Web :
E-Paper :…...

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