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The position of District Manager at Goodall Canada is held by Pat Greene. Pat is an effective manager. To make things happen he must implement various managerial skills on a daily basis.

Goodall Canada is a company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing hydraulic and industrial hoses and fittings. There are branches coast to coast, serving many industries. Goodall has social responsibilities. Goodall must consistently operate efficiently and profitably (economic). Working in conjunction with safety officers, accounting and legal departments management must ensure the company is complying with all of society’s laws and regulations (legal). There is a responsibility to ensure the company and its ambassadors conduct business in an ethical manner in accordance with the stakeholders’ view of what is right and wrong. Some of the primary stakeholders include: employees, suppliers and customers. Secondary stake holders include: NAHAD (National Association for Hose and Accessory Distribution) and Occupational Health and Safety (since hazardous materials are conveyed using Goodall’s products). It can be challenging appeasing various stakeholders. Virtually every decision made could potentially affect all stakeholders.

The District Manager role has elements of three of the different types of managers. There are elements of top-management, because Pat has been instrumental in creating a positive culture. He is also involved with goal-setting and planning. Middle-management because he sets objectives, plans and allocates resources. Since he supervises and directs non-managerial employees there are elements of first line management. Despite having elements of different types of managers, Pat’s job is officially considered a middle management position.

Simply stated Pat’s job is to make things happen. Planning often begins with monitoring…...

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