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Olympic ONE Paint + Primer in One

Olympic Paint has created the perfect paint for families with young children. This new paint is specially formulated to help parents avoid the hefty cost of repainting when their young artists decide to use the living room wall as a canvas. Olympic ONE is the paint that will allow families to avoid the hassle and the huge cost of repainting. Olympic Paint launched a very successful ad that uses the Emotional Appeal, the Slogan/Loaded Word and the Endorsement/Credibility persuasive techniques to convince consumers to buy their paint. The first persuasive technique that is used in this advertisement is the Emotional Appeal technique. The image shows a baby drawing on a household wall using markers of different colors. The image of the baby will immediately spark an emotional reaction from the parent/consumer. This type of imagery is used in advertisements because is proven to create positive, upbeat feelings in consumers. The advertiser intends for these positive feelings to be transferred to the advertised product. In turn, this will help convince the consumer to purchase the item. Besides the use of imagery, this ad also makes use of select wording as a way to appeal to the consumer. The second persuasive technique that was implemented in this advertisement is that of the Slogan/Loaded Word technique. With this technique, the advertiser utilizes carefully selected words or phrases that will leave an impact on the consumer. The slogan, “Not Just Guaranteed for Life, Guaranteed for Real Life”, was chosen to spark a positive and memorable effect on the consumer. The word “incredible” was intentionally used numerous times throughout the text. “Incredible stain fighter”, “incredibly durable” and “incredibly affordable” are all phrases that will influence the consumer in favor of purchasing the product. Along with the…...

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