Acne Can Be Tracked

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Acne can be tracked , which can be eliminated
The most important is to sleep every night abhyasah will go to sleep early and wake up early in the morning . Jagaleo the night up in the face of acne . So every night, 11 / 1 to go to sleep in the center and 6 / 7 am up and wear occasionally .
Dhoyah face is more oily skin, acne . Mukhatake will keep him clean all the time . At least twice a day to clean the face . During the mild face wash to use hot water and normal phesaoyasa . Phesaoyasa skraba gently massage the face with one day a week to clean .
Khadyabhasah in our daily diet due up acne . Additional quantities oily foods , and fatty foods bhajapora responsible for skin tumor growth . The amount of chocolate increased tumor growth . If so , try to eat these foods as much as possible to avoid .
Kamanoh up acne skin stress caused by mental stress . Destroy the balance of additional stress hormones in the body causing acne problems . So day to a minimum of 0 minutes iyoga and meditate . It will make you feel at ease and can reduce stress .
Can we have a hand in the face of his own knowledge and khumtakhumti We think brane hands . This increases the amount of acne . Take the juice out of the inner causes acne and other skin where it takes place, the tumor began to arise . The black spots are the acne should not be khumtanoo .
Please note that during withdrawal mekaapata uthanoh makeup makeup is done perfectly . Do not ever go to bed with makeup . This increases the chances of tumor growth . Please note that it is not the time to buy makeup - is allergic .
Pack use
Used in the treatment of acne neem neem pyakah . Neem Anti - fungus , anti - bacterial and helps to clean the blood . It helps the skin to eliminate acne .
Make a paste of neem leaves to his bete .
Leave for 15 minutes and wash face made of paste .
Sugar skrabah Health , bright , light…...

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