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[Verse 1]
I'm addied up, added up
I just ate a plate for breakfast
Put it in a cup, then I mix it up with Texas
Chest feeling heavy like a midget on my necklace
Bitches that we came with got all of your bitches jealous
'Bout to leave the crib with a couple of my pirates
Driving by the streets we used to walk through like a triumph
Mix it in a potion like a science
That liquid G diet got a nigga so quiet
Cause the shit so strong, got me feeling like I'm dying
The shit so raw, nothing else can get me higher
Only time you see me's when I'm balling with my niggas
Cause my life too private, my ride too private
My flight too private, my shows so riot
My jaw so tired, I go all night in my city to the fall
Then it's time for me to fly her
I got a girl at home even though she ain't flying

And she gon' give it up cause she know I might like it (x4)
Baby girl, you know I like, baby, you know just what I like
Baby, you know what I like

[Verse 2]
Don't be mad, let her get hers
Don't be mad, let her get hers
She make her own luck
She don't give a fuck
She trying to have fun
Take a break from the love
Man, your girl so bad, let me get her
Your girl so bad, let me get her
I make my own luck, I make that pussy talk
On call to the fall, you can like it or not
Nigga, back the fuck up
If you ain’t with me, motherfucker, you against me
If you ain’t complimenting, nigga, you offending
I been out here last year wasting hella time
XO is the only time investment
Them fall shows every year like a birthday
And I’mma do it every year in my birthplace
And I ain’t been this gone since Thursday
I never said that I’d be sober in the first place


[Verse 3]
Baby girl, you know what I like
Baby, you know just what I like
I just passed that liquor, fell off stage
I just sold out the 02 at my own pace
I can say that I’m attached to…...

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...story of Cain and Abel. This case was brought before the district court on a counter motion for an order staying foreclosure proceedings. In Timmerman, two brothers (John and Ernest) inherited a body of valuable wheat land from their parents. Id. at 600. Ernest borrowed $12,000, on the same property, solely to foreclose on a mortgage of $16,500, which John was unable to pay his share off in full. Id. This mortgage was then held by Ernest, but John offered to pay interest at the rate of 7% a year to keep taxes from becoming further delinquent. Id. John also assigned one half of the gross yield in grain to Ernest. Id. This assignment was reported by the county to yield to Ernest more than twice the usual and reasonable rental of the mortgaged premises. Id. To avert foreclosure, John tendered a cashier’s check and one year’s taxes. Id. Nonetheless, Ernest demanded the full amount of the mortgage and directed foreclosure to proceed with additional costs and charges. Id. In his opinion, Judge McColloch incorporates a literary work from the Bible. One must travel a long ways to find another such exhibition of unbrotherly greed and obstinacy. The debtor brother values his real estate at $43,000, and he obviously has ample resources, after allowing for substantial shrinkage in values, with which to pay the mortgage debt, as well as all other indebtedness, and obviously, as found by Commissioner Johnson, he has acted in entire good faith throughout. Like Abel, whom......

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...and Travis Sc dagurl “Wondagurl” Oshunrinde for Wondagurl Music | Additional Vocals by Kacy Keyboards, Bass and Drum Programming Hill and Chantel Jeffries | Guitar, Keybo gramming by Apex Martin | Keyboards by by Mike Dean | Additional Drum Program Recorded by Blake Harden, Jordan Lewis, Allen Ritter | Piano by Mike Dean | Recor ast, Los Angeles, CA and Stuart Innis at and Jimmy Cash at Sarm West Coast, L Dean’s List House of Hits, SoHo, NYC | Assisted by Albert Chee | Kacy Hill /Def Jam Recordings | Mixed by Mike Dean appears courtesy of G.O.O.D. Music/Def J at Dean’s List House of Hits, SoHo, NYC, Mix Assistant and Tech Kez Khou. Written by Jacques Webster, Carlo Montagnese, Mike Dean, Allen Ritter, Adam Feeney and Abel Tesfaye | Published by Travis Scott Music (BMI) / Songs Music Publishing, LLC o/b/o Songs of SMP (ASCAP) / Songs of Hear The Art (BMI) adm. by Sony/ATV Music Publishing / WarnerTamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI)/Papa George Music (BMI) all rights adm. by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. / Ritter Boy Music (ASCAP) / Nyan King Music Inc./EMI Music (SOCAN) / The Weeknd XO (SOCAN) | Produced by Illangelo, The Weeknd, Mike Dean #MWA for Dean’s List Productions, Ben Billions and Travis Scott | Additional Production by Allen Ritter for Ritter Boy Music | Recorded by Stuart Innis at Dean’s List House of Hits, SoHo, NYC | The Weeknd Vocals Recorded by Illangelo | The Weeknd appears courtesy of XO/Republic Records nightcrawler ft. swae......

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