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The private sector job market follows strict hiring standards. Each individual recognizes himself as a personal brand or a marketing product. A personal brand centers on identifying an individual’s value, and how he or she benefits a potential employer (Aspire.com, 2014). Perspective employers use technical hiring methods and pre-employment studies aimed at locating potential employees with a positive image. The corporate goal includes locating and investing in an influential business leader (Marrs, 2012). The 360˚Reach-Personal Brand Assessment identifies brand attributes, personal brand skills, strengths and weaknesses with projective exercises for recognizing each member’s team role. This exercise highlights detailed information about the effectiveness for each group member and what valuable skills he or she provides for the team (Reach Communication Consulting, Inc., 2009).
Brand Attributes
Attributes identify personal values for each group member and how his or her strengths influence the team (Reach Communication Consulting, Inc., 2009). This survey recognizes the daily motivation for each team member. The attributes from each team member provide a balance within the team, which overcomes any challenge or conflict. One strategy helping the team cohesion includes embracing the unique skills each member provides for the group (Reach Communication Consulting, Inc., 2009).
Personal Brand Skills
Personal branding focuses on marketing you as a high-valued employee. A personal brand identifies personal strengths and weakness for members of the group, team, or organization. Personal brands recognize the unique, relevant, and creative skills useful for the group, team, or organization. Personal brands usually consist of three phases, which include the extract phase, the express phase, and the exude phase (Aspire.com, 2014). The extract phase surveys…...

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