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There has been stiff competition going on between 2K Sports and EA Sports in the development of their latest NBA video game, bound to be released later in 2014.
In a report by Dime Magazine, 2K Sports, the company behind "NBA 2K15", was very busy in Las Vegas adding more detail to their game. The game developer sent facial-capture experts to the Las Vegas summer league to make sure that they have all the necessary details of every player and rookie. Getting the facial features right for each player will ultimately improve their player database and ensure that each one will be easily recognizable in the video game. 2K Sports previously shared how it aimed to make players' faces and other details clearer and more vivid in the upcoming 2015 version of the game.
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A representative from 2K Sports said, "Most players come in and say 'whoa that's a lot of cameras'...but it's a static process. They just do a couple of facial expressions and from those expressions we can build movement from that."
For several years, 2K has been the leading game developer in terms of creating a video game focusing on the NBA. EA Sports officially announced its comeback by developing a highly anticipated version of the game called "NBA Live 14". An now with "NBA Live 15", previews have revealed how EA Sports put a lot of effort to make player profiles more defined and realistic than ever. EA Sports spent a lot of time improving the environment and other details of the game so that gamers would have the ultimate experience as if they were actually in a real live game.

According to Attack of the Fan Boy, 2K spent time discussing the matters with game officials to make sure that they capture the facial photo and profile of each player. It seemed as if "NBA 2K15" has more advanced technologyin capturing images and putting facial details and features, compared to "NBA Live…...

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