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After reviewing some documents I discovered that Joseph (Joey) Edward Lares II was born April 1, 1985. At this time, he was living in Gordon, West Virginia, with his parents, Wanda and Joseph Lares. As a child, he attended the 1998-1999 seventh annual Ramona Jean McCoy Honor Banquet, and played middle school basketball. In 2002, he participated in Math Field Day, and got his Jr. Sportsman Hunting and fishing licenses. He attended Van Junior Senior high school; where he was a member of the National Honor Society, received all A’s in 11th grade, entered the American Essay Contest, took dual credit classes, played baseball and later graduated in 2003. Joey did not receive the promise scholarship due to the application being filled out incorrectly. He then went on to college, where he registered at Charleston University and got accepted at Concord College both in 2003; He then was a student at Marshall University. In college in 2007, Joey took History 303, and completed substitute teaching. In 2010, he graduated college with a master’s degree in Teaching, and coached the Van High Softball team. Joseph chaperoned students at Youth and Government, was an undergrad, completed Government and Politics, and had thirty hours of U.S. History, in 2012. He also majored in Geography, Sociology, and inst. Honors. In 2013-2014, Joey was employed as Student Council Sponsor, at Van. In that same year, he chaperoned at Camp Light Foot. Although teaching, and sports is one of his hobbies; Traveling is also one of many things that seems to intrigue him. He has visited many places such as the leaning tower of Pisa, D.C., the ocean, and has even took students on group trips around the world.

Once all my research was complete, I found out plenty of information on Joseph Lares. Currently he is living in Madison, West Virginia with his wife and son, and is still teaching history at van!…...

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...power because Beowulf is human and it is inevitable that he will grow old, weak and lose his sense of pride. One will see that Beowulf ignores the Dane's great king's advice about becoming to prideful and greedy which leads to Beowulf's downfall. Beowulf is a selfish warrior who ignored Hrothgar's warning about material items. Before facing the dragon, he boasts "And this dragon's treasure, his gold/ And everything hidden in that tower, will be mine/ Or war will sweep me to a bitter death!" (lns 2535-2537). Beowulf thinks that if he does not have the treasure all to himself or does not retrieve the treasure he will die unhappy. His pride also does not let him get help from his men which would let him keep all the riches for himself. By the way he speaks one would more commonly view it as selfish and full of pride. When they get to the dragons lair, Beowulf's pride becomes even more evident when he says, "What I mean to, here, no man but me/ Could hope to defeat this monster” (lns 2533-2535). He believes that no other man besides him can defeat the dragon but ironically, he is killed by the dragon who only he can defeat. Finally, as Beowulf is dying he requests that he be brought various treasures in order for him to die a happy death. Hrothgar warned Beowulf about not keeping the treasure for himself and saying that he should share it with his men. He also cherishes his pride too much to ask for any assistance which is another reason why he wants to face the dragon alone.......

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...JUSTIN T. ROACH Current Address​Permanent Address 2535 NW Taylor Ave. #107 • Corvallis, OR 97330​16183 NW Oakhills Dr. • Beaverton, OR 97006 (503) 332-6694 •​ EDUCATION ​Oregon State University ​Corvallis, OR ​Bachelor of Science, Finance and Accounting ​Cumulative GPA: 3.99​Expected Graduation: June 2018 ​Accounting GPA: 4.0 STRENGTHS ​Self-Motivation – Progressing at an accelerated rate through coursework with a high GPA and extra curricular involvement ​Collaboration – Management of group projects and sports experience requiring effective communication with peers ​Leadership – Multiple leadership roles as lacrosse coach and player for high school and college teams ​Organized– Managing time and schedules of multiple clubs and organizations at school, while maintaining high GPA ​Microsoft Programs – Experience and coursework in Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word​ WORK EXPERIENCE Treasurer Pi Kappa Alpha, Corvallis, OR​February 2016-Present • Elected by members of fraternity to serve for 2016-2017 • Creating budget for multiple terms, including expenses and income of over $17,000 • Maintaining a collection rate for member dues of over 95%, including multiple payment plans • Managing payments and information to multiple vendors Coach​​June 2015-August 2015 ​​Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse Camps, Portland, OR​ • Collaborated with team of 8-10 other coaches and......

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...What can we learn from insider trade? Evidence from Thailand Nareemet Kittikhuntanasan Student ID: 5882942826 Project Advisor Kanis Saengchote, Ph.D. Committee Tanakorn Likitapiwat, Ph.D. Special Project Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements for The Degree of Master Of Science in Finance Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy Chulalongkorn University Academic Year 2015 1. Introduction In general, the insiders are classified as the persons who have more information than the other investors and make an abnormal profit from this unpublished information. Under the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535 of Thailand defines the insiders as directors, executives, auditors, their spouse and minor child, and the owner of more than 10% of stocks. Since they have valuable information than the outsiders, they might use this knowledge for their wealth. Hence, the other investors might use the insider trading data as a signal infers future view of the firms and adjust their portfolios and strategies to make some profits. Even though, there are many evidences supporting that insider trading is informative such as Aboody and Lev (2000) suggest that insiders make profit from their ability to acknowledge changed plan in the researcher and development budgets. Likewise, the paper from Jaffe (1974), Finnerty (1976) and Seyhun, (1986) support that insiders can make profit from their trading. However, many early literatures argue that there are market movement......

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