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Privacy in the 21st Century
Sandra Bland
ENG 122
Jason Romero
March 25, 2013

How do you feel walking around knowing that you are being monitored at all times by cameras? Somebody is watching every step you take. Doesn’t that creep you out a little? You post something on Facebook and decide to delete it later on; did you know it will always be there no matter how many times you have deleted it. You may not see it, but others can. In today’s society, privacy rarely exists anymore. There are certain tools and gadgets people use when trying to invade somebody’s privacy including hidden cameras and satellites. Privacy no longer exists in my eyes because of all the new technologies and programs allowing the invasion. What is privacy? Do people today really understand what privacy is? Or have they really got to experience some privacy? The definition of privacy is allowing and individual or group to “seclude them or information about themselves and thereby reveal them selectively.” When something is private, it is usually something personal or valuable to someone. Everyone likes privacy, but it is no longer “available.” Everything people hope is private is no longer private. An example is, before data bases were even created a patient’s information was recorded and put into files in a filing cabinet. There were no security precautions preventing another doctor from exploring somebody’s files. A doctor could do anything with the files without anybody knowing because there is no way to find out. Now the doctors have data bases they put the information into. This is not private at all either. Hackers can hack into anything they want to. They could easily tap into the computer and access someone’s personal information. Another question has come up and that is about emails. There have been some cases where people say that their emails that they send to someone are not only getting read by the person they sent it to, but a third party. There is no evidence or proof that this is true, but this could be a possibility. Almost all social networks have a special way of getting someone’s personal information. Everyone has experienced it at least once. The app Foursquare allows people to click a button and it will post where you are currently at. For example, if I go to Wal-Mart and access this app, I would “check in” at Wal-Mart. It will give the full address of wherever you checked in at as well. This app has privacy settings so that you can choose who can see when you check in and who cannot. Something so simple, invented to keep the human race entertained causes someone’s privacy to go down the drain. Privacy settings are almost like false advertising in all cases. Facebook, twitter, Tumbler, Google, and all those other social networks have privacy settings but we see that they really are not all that great. Facebook you are posting personal activities and information. Twitter you are doing the same thing as well, just more often. Instagram is another app that allows people to upload images. If anyone can access their pictures, it is not private. Another example is Google Mapping. That is not private at all, if anything it is exposing. When people use the Google Mapping they can access the “street view.” There they can see exactly what your house looks like and whatever was in that area when the picture was taken. It shows exactly where you are located and the surroundings. But these applications are just a couple of examples of how applications do not have full security precautions. People today are learning that identity loss, financial theft, and scans are becoming more common than ever before. It is not controllable either. We as humans, have to make smart and wise choices on how we use all of these new technologies. It is easy to access someone’s information by little secret tools. Hidden cameras are not the only tools used to invade someone’s privacy. These tools come as simple as a hidden microphone as well. Secret hackers also use wiretapping. It may be illegal but hackers get around everything. There are also satellite trackers but they are the least common because they are more noticeable to people. Some people are beginning to act like they do not really care about their privacy being invaded. Everyone knows they do not like it whether it is known or not. Some people say, “Well, why worry if you have nothing to hide?” Yes that may be true but if somebody went through your bank account you wouldn’t be too happy. You’re not hiding anything in your bank account except for your money. Hacking into your bank account is invading privacy just as much as hacking into a Facebook account. There are some ways to minimize having your privacy invaded. Not to the extreme but some protection is better than no protection. One way is to put a password on your cellphone or mini devices that you own. This way, when you lay your device down and someone else comes a crossed it, no one can access it without a password. You can also put a Google alert on your name. Another way to minimize someone invading your privacy is to sign out of your social networks when you are done using them. This is so when you do not put a password on your phone and they go to your network they will not be able to get on that network without the password. Another way is to never, ever give out your personal information. Some people ask your information even though they don’t need that type of information. On applications if they ask for certain personal information but it is not required to put on the application, don’t. Most applications have little red stars beside the heading or the heading will be bold to show which sections must be filled out. If it is not required, do not give it out. I believe that all the new technologies and trends have an impact on the privacy invasions. A lot more people do everything online. When doing things online 99% of the time it requires some type of information. Some of these new ideas have helped protect our privacy, some have made it worse, and some hasn’t really changed anything. The number one item that has impacted privacy for the worse is the cell phone. Cell phones are capable of many things. As explained before, a lot of applications cell phones include exclude someone’s privacy unintentionally. TVs shows are another way of exploiting someone’s privacy. Reality shows are the biggest privacy invaders. These famous actors have their own personal life. But when they are on TV shows doing what they always do, everyone watching the show knows everything about them and how they live. I would hate to be a famous person. All their information whether it is true or not gets spread to the whole world. All magazines about them that is putting their life on a showcase for everyone else to see. If anyone, famous people have no type of privacy whatsoever. Online shopping is another way for someone to invade privacy. We cannot shop online peacefully without someone getting a hold of our information. When purchasing online, you usually have to pay with a credit card. When paying for a credit card online, you have to put the entire card’s information on the form and your information as well. If someone hacks that site they could access your bank card and end up hacking it and taking your money. This does not happen all the time. But it happens very often.
You yourself can invade privacy without knowing you are doing so. You could be at a basketball game for your little cousin and just snapping pictures of the game. Pull out that picture one day. Look closely at the picture. There is most likely not just one person in the picture. You upload the picture to Facebook. Everyone in that picture has had their privacy invaded now because you just uploaded a picture of them and they had no idea. You did not intentionally do it on purpose but you see, nothing is private even if we try to keep things private. Posting a status on Facebook about your own children using their names is invading their privacy. You have just put their personal information on the social web and had no intention on interfering with their privacy. Someone could go out and do something nice for the community one day and not tell anyone. Five hours later someone posts a status about them doing so. That is invading someone’s privacy unintentionally as well. It does not have to be just a hacker invading someone’s privacy by hacking them. Everyone, including yourself, invades privacy in some type of way. It is not intentionally but it is still invading privacy. This is why I believe there is no such thing as privacy. In today’s society, the 21st century, I believe that privacy does not exist. Being watched by cameras, strangers reading our old posts that have been deleted, and having people tracking other people down by finding their personal information is becoming more common today. We ourselves invade privacy without knowing so. We cannot control privacy at all. We can be more cautious and limit some cases, but there is no way where everything will be private. No matter how much security precautions and settings you put on your life, nothing can stop somebody from invading your privacy. Privacy no longer exists, a special thanks to all the new technologies and programs that allow people to do so.

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