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Risk audit report......................................................................................................................3
Continuous improvement........................................................................................................4


In this assessment, I looked at three basic potential risks that may exist in the company and also the control measures that could be taken to reduce the range of the risk and its consequences, as in each company there are certain risks which can threat the position of the company in the market, therefore, I looked at their frequency and to propose measures that can help to eliminate or reduce the risk.

Risk audit Report | Controls Implemented | Objectives/targets | Measures | Risk 1:Government regulations changing | Control 1:Establish good relationships with government officers. | Meet a government officer responsible for government regulations changing and incrase relationships with government by 20% | Informations about regulations and changes. | | Control 2:Deal with a government about taxes basic on make work opportunities for domestic people. | Deal about tax discount for company 25% | Productivity after discount | | | Increase productivity by 15% | | Risk 2:Climate conditions | Control 1:Have alternative supply network | Research 3 extra emergency suppliers | Continuous supply | | | Establish relationship with these suppliers | | | Control 2:Prepare farm for extreme weather | Dig trenches for monsoon rains | Farm prepared | | | Build the sheds | | | | Train staff how to respond on the climate conditions | | Risk 3:Market conditions | Control 1:Improve advertisement | Increase market share by 10% | Dollars spent on risk | | Control 2:lower sale prices | Prices 5% less than competitors. | Dollars lost on risk | |

Continuous Improvement

Based on the analysis and audit of the risk services, frequency and consequences we have areas in which we need to focus on the correct and properly assessment that we ensure our supplies and preserve our fluency and chain so that our company had not suffered any losses that may arise due to this risks.
We have to analyze the risks that may arise due to government changes in tax and various other government regulations and fees that may occur in Papua New Guinea. This risk we can reduce with establish connection and cooperation with the Papua New Guinea government on the basis of jobs created for local people in this country. Through this collaboration, we must have information about future changes in government regulations, taxes and charges. But since these might not be sufficient, further proposals that we could eliminate the risk is to conclude an agreement on the tax relief that we will be claimed on grounds create jobs and help the economy and employment in the country.
In this area is a high probability risks of climate change, strong monsoon rains and also the possible occurrence of typhoons in certain parts of the year. Prioritized as to eliminate and reduce the impact of this risk, I would incorporate alternative network power to ensure cooperation with other companies that will be able to replace and deliver everything you need for these disaster situations. Can we also avoid the consequences-building drainage systems and to build sheds that will be able to protect accrued and coffee plants against a possible mutilated rain and strong winds.
Risk of market changes is risk for each business and each company. It may be an increased competition in which we are able to respond administrative action but may also occur cross. Based on these analyzes we see solutions eliminate the risk and reduce the risk result of increased advertising companies that bring us more potential clients and also elevate our name and position in the coffee market. Intention, we should primarily for presenting and highlighting our product quality compared with the products of other companies. Other possibility to reduce the risk is to reduce sale prices of coffee, you may have a permanent reduction of prices or a temporary reduction that will be depends on market developments.…...

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