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1.08 Macbeth Plot Analysis Pt 1

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Element Exposition:

Definintion What you need to know. Background information is presented, main characters are introduced, and the conflict is established. The conflicts and challenges encountered by the characters. How they respond keeps the story moving forward. The turning point in the conflict. Tension builds until the main character must make a decision or take action that determines the direction of the story. The events that occur after the main character makes the key decision in the story. The resolution is where all the questions are answered and loose ends are tied, providing a clear ending.

ACT in the play ACT 1 First 2 scenes

Rising action:

ACT 2, 3rd scene - Act 3, 3rd scene


ACT 3, 3rd scene

Falling Action:

ACT 3, 4th scene


ACT 3 Last scenes

! ! ! !

! !

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Text support
 Your children shall be kings.
 You shall be king.
 And Thane of Cawdor too; went it not so? Ring the alarum bell:—murder and treason!
 Banquo and Donalbain! Malcolm! awake!
 Shake off this downy sleep, death's counterfeit,
 And look on death itself! up, up, and see
 The great doom's image! Malcolm! Banquo!
 As from your graves rise up, and walk like sprites
 To countenance this horror! royal master's murder'd! MACBETH.
 Thou canst not say I did it: never shake
 Thy gory locks at me.

Why is it important to the story?
I think that this is one of the most important scenes in the story because this i where Macbeth gets that idea that he could be king. That idea gives the plot of the story.

ACT 1, scene 3 When Macbeth meets the weird sisters, and they tell him their prophecy.

Act 2 When they find the body of King Duncan, and wake the village.

This is the Rising action of the play, the king is dead and they had to try and find who killed him. The…...

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